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Acrecenta is an IT company with solid experience in designing and implementing secure, innovative and efficient technology solutions. We support companies in various sectors on their digital transformation journey, enabling them to optimise their processes, increase their productivity and achieve their business goals.

Technology Consultancy

We support your company in the selection and implementation of optimal security software solutions, customising each strategy to ensure success and innovation.

Cybersecurity Training

We strengthen your organization's defenses with cyber resilience training programs, preparing your team to effectively confront and mitigate cyber attacks.

Custom Development

We create customized technological solutions, incorporating DevSecOps to ensure that each project is developed under the strictest security practices, thus guaranteeing efficient, innovative and reliable solutions for your business.

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Our central mission is to offer innovative and personalized technological solutions that respond to specific business needs and objectives, promoting process optimization and increased productivity.

We believe in the power of innovation to transform industries and markets. We are constantly exploring new ideas and technologies that can offer pioneering solutions to our clients.


We strive to maximize efficiency in all our operations and solutions, ensuring that our clients achieve the desired results with maximum optimization of resources.


Our team is deeply committed to the success of our clients. We work closely with each of them to understand their challenges and objectives, ensuring effective collaboration and meaningful results.


Excellence guides each of our projects and decisions. We seek to exceed expectations, delivering the highest quality solutions that reflect our deep knowledge and technical skill.


We act responsibly in every aspect of our work, aware of the impact that our solutions and actions have on our clients, society and the environment.

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Our technological partners

At Acrecenta, we understand that collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. That's why we partner with global technology leaders who share our vision of transforming the digital future.

Acrelia, the multi-account email marketing platform, is our strategic partner in optimizing email communication. Designed for companies seeking to efficiently and centrally manage email marketing for various departments, Acrelia offers advanced tools that facilitate the creation, sending and analysis of campaigns, ensuring that each communication reinforces the digital presence of our clients.

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Blancco, the undisputed leader in secure data erasure solutions, plays a crucial role in our information protection strategy. Its technology ensures that sensitive data is effectively and permanently deleted, complying with the strictest international security regulations. In collaboration with Blancco, we guarantee that the life cycle of our clients' data ends with maximum security and trust, minimizing risks at each stage.

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ESET, a global leader in digital protection, offers advanced solutions to defend against all types of cyber threats. Its different solutions for both home and business, its proactive approach and its technology not only protect against a wide range of cyber threats but also ensure that our clients operate in a secure and resilient digital environment, minimizing risks and protecting critical assets effectively.

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Proofpoint is our partner in security training and education, specializing in strengthening the most important link in the cybersecurity chain: people. Its security training platform transforms knowledge into a powerful defense against cyber threats, equipping teams with the necessary awareness and skills to detect and respond to targeted attacks, ensuring a safer and more aware work environment.

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