Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Eraser

Diagnosis and erasure of mobile devices, phones and tablets for mobile operators and resellers.

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What is the best method to safely sanitize mobile phones and tablets?

It is important that before reselling a mobile terminal or tablet you ensure the data is completely erased. In this way, resellers and operators will be assured that they can give a second life to the devices without running the risk that the confidential information of the previous owners may be visible to those who access or use the terminal.
Blancco Mobile Eraser is the perfect tool since it is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems as well as Windows Phone and BlackBerry. In addition, deletions are also accompanied by a certificate.

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Eraser

  • Includes more than 15 different data erase/overwrite methods
  • Allows you to erase more than 80 devices simultaneously
  • Allows you to automate processes and make integrations with other tools
  • In addition to erasing, it allows you to diagnose the device
  • Includes more than 75 different diagnostic tests

What advantages does Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure offer?

Blancco Drive Eraser guarantees the complete erasure of data from a device, preserving the operating system for immediate reuse. Provides detailed diagnostics to assess device condition and value before sale. Its versatility allows you to create efficient workflows for device erasing and diagnosis.

Technical specifications


  • Detailed reports include device information such as device name and model, IMEI code, storage capacity, and diagnostic test results.
  • Reports can be downloaded in PDF, XML and CSV files
  • Custom fields can be added (such as customer name or device ID)
  • Digitally signed reports are uploaded and accessible from the Blancco Management Portal for a complete audit process
  • It can be connected to the webcam to take photographs and help during the process


  • More than 75 diagnostic tests available
  • Complete diagnostic tests in 60 seconds
  • The order of the tests and the time of execution can be configured through workflows
  • Diagnostic tests can be customized through workflows

Supported platforms (Erasure)

  • All iOS devices. Versions 9.0 and later
  • Android (smartphones and tablets). Versions 4.4 and higher

Supported platforms (Diagnostics)

  • iOS (smartphones and tablets) versions 11 and later
  • Android (smartphones and tablets) versions 5 and later


  • Available in different languages