Blancco Management Portal

The central hub for all the tools and solutions offered by Blancco.

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What is Blancco Management Portal?

Blancco Management Portal is a platform that centralizes all the tools and solutions offered by Blancco in order to manage and supervise all the organization's deletion processes. The portal offers a range of advanced features to ensure security and compliance with data protection standards.

Blancco Management Portal

  • Allows quick access to Blancco licenses for more efficient control
  • Check the different data deletion reports of Blancco tools
  • Includes a knowledge base with videos, articles and product guides
  • Automatic software updates enable high scalability and low latency
  • Allows you to enjoy a unified customer experience by centralizing all Blancco products
  • Complies with the strictest data security standards and regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA or ISO 27001, among others
Blancco Management Portal

What benefits does Blancco Management Portal offer?

  • Centralization and control: Allows organizations to centrally manage all aspects related to data deletion and purchased licenses, ensuring full control over the process and results.
  • Operational efficiency: Automates repetitive and programmable tasks, saving time and resources by eliminating the need to manually wipe data on each device.
  • Regulatory compliance: Helps organizations comply with data protection regulations by ensuring the secure disposal of sensitive information and providing detailed reports for audit purposes.
  • Improved security: Helps strengthen data security by securely deleting sensitive information and reducing the risk of exposure to internal and external threats.

Technical specifications

Centralized reporting management

  • Service completely located in the cloud to manage the data erasure process
  • Online access to a central database for easy report distribution
  • Erasure statistics to identify device malfunctions
  • Exportable reports in PDF and XML format
  • Fully compatible with all Blancco erasing tools
  • Full hardware and erase details available

Access control and user control

  • Easy user control and permission distribution
  • Data visualization using widget


  • It has comprehensive reports that include information such as device name and model, IMEI code and storage capacity
  • Reports can be exported in PDF, XML and CSV formats
  • Includes the option to add the company logo, remove and add information and include legal notices to make corporate reports
  • Use AWS to enable rapid scaling and search of reports
  • Custom fields (such as customer name or device ID) can be added to reports
  • Makes backup copies on servers for future reference


  • Has easy-to-use report navigation and filtering options
  • Reports are digitally signed and impossible to manipulate
  • Has easy-to-understand statistics
  • Offers easy report distribution options
  • Full transparency of diagnostic and erasure processes allows a complete audit


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  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
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